suna bonometti


Slice of Ring

Slice of Ring


This ring has a minimal profile and a detail facade, it will delight you at every glance. Each ring is one of a kind Sterling Silver and hand fabricated. The Slice of Ring series is an experimentation in layering sheet metal with tube and wire. Inspired by the build up of the rings around a tree, I have developed an organic way of making these designs that are each one of a kind. The ring is created on the spot and the final shape and design is determined by the way the sheet material stretches and reacts to the pattern of wire. These rings are also abstractions of more classic ring archetypes, where they play with traditional shapes, but the process creates something very geometric and modern. The top layer encases the inner design, creating a discrete band for the outside viewer, and hiding the intricate inner layers to be enjoyed mostly by the wearer, like a wonderful secret.

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