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Choices are a contribution we would like to make to the new reversal to a woman's right to choose. We believe it is a very complicated subject but fundamentally a woman should have the right to privately make healthcare decisions about what happens in her body. 

This little lady was carved by Suna after and abortion she had a decade ago. We hope "Choices" will be a supportive gift to ones self or to others. She can be worn around the neck and hopefully empower the wearer. 

The silver and brass Ladies are sold separately and 100% of the sale will go to National Network of Abortion Funds that is supporting women in States that no longer provide them with the proper healthcare they deserve. They are sold on a sliding scale, so if you would like to provide more funding, this option is made available. 

If you have a different abortion fund you would like to recommend, please email We also welcome any comment. : )